Hotan, (Xinjiang/China) May, 30
Hotan - Hotan : 378km
Liaison : 145km
SS : 186km
Liaison : 47km
SS8 : The Final

The Rally continues to Rania and draws the curtain of the Stage 8.The competitors who have participated the 2019 Taklimakan should be very familiar with this stage.
Though the timed section is only 186km, the multi-terrain stage requires special attention from the competitors. The special stage starts from the flat gravel gobi track, then continues to the high dune area where the pilots need to climb over 9 large dunes before entering the final section of the riverbed road. Powerful engine and skillful control of the racing car is the secret to conquer these dunes.
The final riverbed road is just like the the stage of yesterday, the flood in recent years has brought changes to the course of the river, so no traceble road can be used as the reference of navigation. Stick close to the roadbook and along the course of river, you will be led to the bivouac.
In the auto category, Zi Yungang/Wang Zengrong from Shanxi Yunxiang Team are the first to finish this stage, followed by his teammate Zhu Guanghai/Xiang Liang and Zhang Guoyu/Oriol Mena Valdearcos in BAIC.
Zi Yungang, not only the first of this stage, but also the leading position in the overall classification, mentioned: “The stage went very smoothly for me, I started the 7th, just follow the tracks of previous cars and finish at the 4th. I am quite satisfied with my performance today.”
Zhang Guoyu, second in this stage and second also in the overall classification, said: “I did not speed up in the previous 2 stages in order to protect the car. Today I push it to the limit and it feels good. The stage is not difficult for me. I own my performance to my co-pilot, our technical team as well as the logistic team. ”
In the moto, Chinese driver Su Nier in KOVE is the first to cross the finish line, followed by 2 pilots from Shanxi Yulin Team, the South African pilot Bredley John Cox and his teammate Arunas Gelazninkas. Till 16:00 local time, all the racing motocycles have come out of the stage.
Su Nier, the first of the stage said: “I became the first not long after the start line, then I was the one to open the road in the desert, I slowed down because it is difficult for me to look at the roadbook while navigating at the same time. I was caught up in the riverbed section. Bredley and Arunas are very fast and I think they did a good job driving while reading the roadbook. I learned a lot from them. ”
After the first 8 stage, Bredley John Cox from Shanxi Yunlin Team is listed in the first place and has a solid leading position with more than half an hour advantage before his teammate Arunas Gelazninkas. He mentioned in the interview: “I caught up with Neels who suffered from a navigation problem in 40km. This stage is not easy at all, the sand is so soft, difficult to drive through. The stage for tomorrow is only around 40km, I think we will win.”
Tomorrow the 2023 Taklimakan Rally comes to its final stage, the stage to the Mountain Kunlun. The champagne and the cheers will be waiting for the conquerors of the 2023 Takllimakan Rally!

Classification Auto SS8
1. Zi Yungang (CHN) / Wang Zengrongg (CHN), Yun Xiang, 3H0958
2. Zhu Guanghai(CHN) / Xiang Liang (CHN), Yun Xiang, +1’08”
3. Zhang Guoyu(CHN) / Oriol Mena Valdearcos(ESP), BAIC, +3’50”
4. Fan Gaoxiang (CHN) / Yue Cailei (CHN), JJ3, +4’03”
5. Su Haotian (CHN) / Liu Zhigang (CHN), Buggy, +5’11”
Overall Classification Auto after SS8
1. Zi Yungang (CHN) / Wang Zengrongg (CHN), Yun Xiang, 33H3219
2. Zhang Guoyu(CHN) / Oriol Mena Valdearcos(ESP), BAIC, +11’06”
3. Liu Yangui(CHN) / Chen Feng (CHN), BAIC, +55’05”
4. Xu Aili (CHN) / Tong Zhenrong (CHN), Hilux, +2H52’10”
5. Liu Yatuan (CHN) / Yan Ke (CHN), SMG, +3H13’16”
Classification Moto SS8
1. Su Nier (CHN), KOVE, 3H1106
2. Bredley John Cox (RSA), KTM, +2’41”
3. Arunas Gelazninkas (LTU), KTV, +2’50”
4. NEELS Theric (FRA), KOVE, 5’50”
5. Hu Bolin (CHN), KTM, +13’06”
Overall Classification Moto after SS8
1 Bredley John Cox (RSA), KTM, 23H5006
2 Arunas Gelazninkas (LTU), KTV, +32’14”
3 Yakepu (CHN), KTM, +1H41’32”
4 NEELS Theric (FRA), KOVE, +2H10’10”
5 Shi Haoyu (CHN), KOVE, +2H12’42”66


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