The Podium Welcomes the Conquerors of 2023 Taklimakan Rally!
Source:Taklimakan Rally10/27/2023
Hotan, (Xinjiang/China) June, 01 
The Podium Welcomes the Conquerors of 2023 Taklimakan Rally!
Among the 97 autos and 37 motocycles who have started the Rally in Aksu on May 20, 76 autos and 31 motos have successfully withstood the tough chanllenges and reached the finish line.
As the 15th edition of Taklimakan Rally, the 2023 Taklimakan Rally lasts for 13 days. The 4258 km total stage contains 1 SSS, 9 stages and 2 rest days. The rally sets foot in the south west of Xin Jiang and covers 3 regions of Aksu, Kashgar and Hotan. The multi-terrain stages together with the beautiful scenery has attracted 231 competitors from China and abroad to participate.
In the auto category, the final victory goes to Zi Yungang/Wang Zengrong from Shanxi Yunxiang Team. Team BAIC contributes the podium with Zhang Guoyu/Oriol Mena Valdearcos and Liu Yangui/Chen Feng listed the 2nd and 3rd place.
As to the moto, Bredley John cox and Arunas Gelazninkas continue their good performance and take the 1st and 2nd place for their team Shanxi Yulin, the local driver Yakepu finish the game as the 3rd place, followed by Neels Theric and Shi Haoyu in KOVE.
Taklimakan Rally is established in 2005, during its 15 editions, the Rally has grown into the largest off-road rally in Asia. Based in Xinjiang, the rally is not only an event in the FIA race calendar, but also a window to showcase the various and abundant natural and tourist resources in Xin Jiang. Taklimakan Rally started its oversea promotion in 2016 with the first Press conference in Europe organized in Paris and received positive feedbacks from the oversea audiences. The beautiful Xinjiang welcomes the racing teams as well as travellers from the world to join the Taklimakan Rally, to feel and enjoy the west pearl of China.
Overall Classification Auto
1. Zi Yungang (CHN) / Wang Zengrong (CHN), Yun Xiang, 34H1609
2. Zhang Guoyu(CHN) / Oriol Mena Valdearcos(ESP), BAIC, +5’30”
3. Liu Yangui(CHN) / Chen Feng (CHN), BAIC, +53’58”
4. Xu Aili (CHN) / Tong Zhenrong (CHN), Hilux, +2H58’05”
5. Liu Yatuan (CHN) / Yan Ke (CHN), SMG, +3H20’58”
Overall Classification Moto
1 Bredley John Cox (RSA), KTM, 24H2805
2 Arunas Gelazninkas (LTU), KTV, +34’30”
3 Yakepu (CHN), KTM, +1H49’10”
4 NEELS Theric (FRA), KOVE, +2H11’10”
5 Shi Haoyu (CHN), KOVE, +2H17’36”


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